Hothouse 1


January - March, 2004

Jacob Bauming

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Jacob Bauming“Man, it is all about layin’ down a radical scene!!”

Combining a furious amalgam of one part studio technique, one part art house style and all parts LOUD, Jacob Bauming’s specialization in ‘superinsane’ animation has earned his work continued interest, if for no other reason than it can not be ignored. “I use ‘sebtronics’ in almost all my work; it’s a bionic encryption process that results in brighter colours, and kicks volume levels up, loud, Loud, LOUD!!! ‘Sebtronics’ results in a heavier overall impact by saturating the content; it’s like eating a bowl of saccharine. MAJORLY AWESOME!!!”

Capitalizing on “the heaviest elements in the known universe,” Bauming’s work is at once innocent and jarringly aggressive. “I see a lot of head-scratchery when I get down with an idea. I’ll say, ‘Baby, dig on kitty cats, lollipops and ROCK ‘N’ ROLL GUITARS!’ When people ask ‘Why,’ my only response is ‘Why WOULDN’T you??!'”

“Now, who’s up for some RADICAL GOOD TIMES???”

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