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January - March, 2004

Jo Meuris

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Jo MeurisJo Meuris started animating in the early 1980s at the age of six, when her first efforts at film were blurry and unintelligible. School and homework quickly sidelined this early interest, although a propensity for drawing was maintained, which frequently got her into trouble in class. Upon graduation from high-school, animation was at first abandoned as being an impractical and over-indulgent career choice, leading to a two-year wrong-turn down a dead-end road studying anatomy and pre-Med at McGill University. Jo finally graduated with a BFA in Animation in 1998 from Concordia University where she produced four films. Her first film, Real Men Wear Mustaches, was awarded an honorable mention at Montreal World Film Festival’s student competition and her third film Two Little Girls, A Shopkeeper, And A Bull screened at festivals around the world.

Jo has worked in both computer and traditional animation, doing the latter for three years at the NFB. Her NFB credits include Christopher, Please Clean Up Your Room, Lights for Gita, and I Want A Dog. Most recently, Jo was thrilled to be selected to participate in the NFB Hothouse project in January 2003, where she animated and directed the short An Aqueous Solution. For the record: Jo does not endorse any of the actions of any of the characters in any of her films.

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