Film/Animation Demos

Demos are accepted exclusively as URLs. You may share an existing URL where your work can be screened free of charge and without login (ie. Vimeo, blog, website). If you do not have a host, you may upload to Youtube following these instructions:

1. Sign up for an account here (it’s fast and free).

2. Once logged in, select the Upload button and follow the directions. If you would like to make your video public, you can follow the default Broadcast Option.

3. Once your video is online, send us the URL by email or include it as part of your 1-page pdf submission.

To make your posting private:

1. Once logged in, select Contacts from your Accounts menu.

2. Select New Contact and enter the following info:

Name: NFBHothouse
Username: NFBHothouse
*Be sure to check off the ContactList tab before hitting save.

3. Click the Upload button and follow the instructions. Select Choose Options from the Broadcast Options section and select the Private tab; you will see a box with your existing Contact List(s). Check off NFBHothouse to give us access to your film.

TIP: Test the link before sending to ensure it is not marked “private”.

If you have any problems, let us know:


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Previous Hothouse editions are also available on DVD.
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