Hothouse 6: April - June, 2010

About Hothouse 6

Dates: April – June, 2010
Theme: “Inside Out”
Mentoring Directors: Ann Marie Fleming

This sixth edition of Hothouse was a giant experiment – all 6 films were done in stereoscopic 3D! It was all about exploring the space as an essential story device and expressive tool. And the pipeline really needed to be an intelligent workaround if the 12-weeks deadline was still to be met…

The filmmakers brought a tidal wave of energy, creativity and professionalism to their work and surprised everyone with their quick grasp of 3D filmmaking techniques. Ranging from stop motion to digital drawings to CGI and SANDDE™ animation, each of the films takes a unique approach to 3D storytelling, not to mention the very-short format (1min).

Mentoring Team:

Ann Marie Fleming
Mentoring Director

Luigi Allemano
Composer/Sound Designer

Sue Gourley
Digital Imaging Specialist

Maral Mohammadian
Associate Producer

Michael Fukushima

David Verrall
Executive Producer

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